Our Services

It is our goal at I.R.I.S. to continually provide you with the design tools you need to make your engineering project a success. In order to help you spec an air filter, and other equipments ranging from environmental and material handling equipments to swimming pool equipments, click one of the links below to learn more about cutting-edge technologies, new capabilities and partner offerings.

We provide the following list of services, for our customers' satisfaction is our policy we pursue diligently.

After-sales support can offer a wide range of services. All sales engineers and technician are strategically located for quick response.

Compressed Air Products

Supply, Installation, Service, Replacement Filter Elements and Spare Parts (Including those of other manufacture)

Robotic Swimming pool Cleaner

Equipment and Parts Supply, Site Demonstrations, Proficient Consultation, Technical Consultation, Maintenance and Repair in house or on site, Trouble-shooting.

Environmental Products

Equipment and Parts Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Skilled Consultation, Professional technical support.

A priority response is given to any service calls - All products are supported by engineers which are in direct contact with their respective headquarters ensuring that a prompt service can be maintained at all times.
A Planned maintenance - Every service contract is maintained and updated by our engineers.

Quality Checking & Inspection
Maintenance & Repair
Commissioning & Analysis
Training Location Map