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Energy Saving Refrigeration Air Dryers, DE-iTech

Air flow 0.3 – 27.0 m³/min

DE iTECH  is the new generation of energy saving refrigeration cycle dryers with which MTA not only renews its range of products for the processing of compressed air but reinterprets the concept of thermal mass to which the DE Hybrid dryers owe their success.

(optional) for condensate removal.

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The innovative Impulse Technology system offers important advantages in terms of energy savings, reliability and management costs thanks to the ability of DE iTECH to adapt perfectly to the real requirements of the system. The dryer adjustment system controls its operation and ensures the ideal energy solution for drying of the compressed air, allowing high savings and at the same time excellent stability of the dew point, even under dynamic conditions.


  • Innovative Impulse Technology system for control of the drying capacity via impulse adjustment of the refrigerant liquid flow or due to the thermal mass effect.
  • New compact 3-in-1 aluminium heat exchanger with optimised perfect countercurrent heat exchange, it contains a stainless steel condensate separator
  • Minimal load losses (average 0.09 bar) through fluid dynamic optimisation and the large transfer sections
  • Constant dew point under every operating condition
  • Low environmental impact and reduced carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the Impulse Technology energy saving system and the use of R134a and R404A environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Maximum reliability

Technical specifications

  • Structure in carbon steel sheeting hot painted with RAL7035 epoxy powder
  • Environmentally friendly liquid refrigerants R134a and R410A
  • Hermetic piston compressors and high energy efficiency scroll
  • New compact 3-in-1 aluminium heat exchanger with high energy efficiency aluminium  and low load losses
  • Tubeless condenser with steel fins protected by a double layer of immersion painting (DEiT 003 – 032)
  • Finned batteries with copper pipes and aluminium fins generously dimensioned (DEiT 040 – 270)
  • Standard capacitor filters on DEiT 100 – 270
  • Axial fans
  • Rolling capillary
  • New DEC microprocessor control with display of the level of energy savings, equipped with several parameters and alarms such as: high temperature, low temperature, temperature probe failure etc.
  • General alarm
  • Remote ON/OFF clean contact
  • Standard programmable timed condensate discharger
  • Phase monitor and refrigerator compressor casing resistances (DEiT 165-270)
  • Maximum ambient temperature = +50°C
  • Maximum working pressure = 16 barg
  • Degree of electrical protection = IP22

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