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GST Announcement

Dear Valued Customers & Suppliers

We would like to inform you that the Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 (the"Act") will come effect in Malaysia on 1st April 2015. In accordance with the requirements of the Act, IRIS Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (IRIS) has registered for GST with the registration number as 001546854400

Currently, IRIS's charges for the goods and services supplied to you exclude GST. Once the Act comes into effect in Malaysia on 1 April 2015, IRIS would be required by the Act to levy and collect GST, wherever applicable, at the rate of 6% on the value of the goods and services it supplies to all its customers.

We will continue to provide you with the latest updates on the effect of the GST implementation to our services and please rest assured that all necessary action plans have been put in place to ensure that the quality of our services after the implementation of GST remains high.

Should you need any further information, please always feel free to contact us.

Thank you



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